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Who are we ?


BIG STEP COMPANY is a service provider with advanced technology and provides you with different brands of equipment with a great expertise in instrumentation, construction and civil engineering, electronic security system and computer to help its customers to increase its performance and found solutions.

BIG STEP COMPANY has long been the regional partner of PLC Europe and Grundfos. Its latest are our direct distributors of branded equipment: Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Omron, Lenze and many more, in order to maintain the best quality of engineering products and services.

BIG STEP COMPANY is committed to always providing the latest technology and the best quality of service to its customers with the best service and support in engineering. We are proud to serve DRC clients first and others after, with the latest technologies, innovations and solutions. And most importantly, provide for the needs of our customers locally and provide them with the best of us.

BIG STEP COMPANY provides advanced technology solutions and products from Different Brands with strong expertise in Instrumentation, Civil works , Electronics security systems and ICT to help its customers increase efficiency and create Solutions. Since then,
Big Step Company Regional Partner for PLC Europe and Grundfos.

These above are direct distributors for Different Brands such Siemens, ABB , Allen Bradley ,Omron, Lenze and much more supporting the clients by providing control systems and engineering services and solutions. We, at Big Step Company, Commit to always deliver the latest technologies and best quality to clients with the best Engineering Service and Support.

We are proud to Serve first DRC clients and others after with the latest Technologies, innovations and Solutions, more importantly, Support our client locally and deliver the best for them. Our turnkey solutions for control System, Engineering Service and products Support, improve and create value for our Clients. More importantly,
Big Step Company's main interest is to maintain the best quality in products and Engineering.

Our strengths

BIG STEP COMPANY has always been perfectly integrated into the economic and social fabric of its region and today employs around one hundred employees. With solid experience and constant motivation, its qualified staff is supervised by a young, dynamic and competent management team. The company is also committed to assisting the client in defining their needs and expectations.
BIG STEP COMPANY is distinguished by its great flexibility, both in terms of equipment and know-how. It is capable of ensuring construction sites in all areas of construction and civil engineering. Whether for infrastructure works, bituminous asphalt installation or transformation work, BIG STEP COMPANY has always carried out the projects entrusted to it.

Apart from construction and civil engineering,BIG STEP COMPANY also covers the following areas:
  • Conventional Fire Detection
  • Analogue addresable Fire detection
  • Water Hydrant Systems
  • Sprinkle Systems
  • FM200 Gas Protection
  • Argon Inert Gas Protection
  • Stand Alone Access Control
  • Online Access Control Systems
  • Asset Tracking Systems
  • CCTV Systems Stand Alone
  • Public Address and Evacuation System
  • Intercom Systems
  • Point Monitoring And Intrusion Systems
BIG STEP COMPANY is a company that puts people, safety and the environment at the center of its concerns. The company is mainly active in the fields of construction, civil engineering and public works.

Our Team


Gauthier PETWE

General Manager




Builder engineer

Sandrine ILUNGA

Topographer engineer